Lets face it–there are bros all over the world: big bros, little bros, party bros, mama bros, street bros, work-out bros, frat bros, flat-brimmed hat bros, facebook bros, cool car bros and even study bros….which leads to our next point of educated bros!  
bro, hat, stick, draw, paper
We know you’re out there, and it’s our new mission to collect as much funny and “bro-like-educated” material.  What does this mean? Well bro, in the cours
e of our education we’ve picked up some interesting principals, Venn diagrams and other weird laws and theory’s that relate to what we’re learning about.  In the process of sitting through lectures we’ve daydreamed at least a few times on the most common topics like girls, partying, working out, cars, and just hanging with the bros.  So in the midst of your daydreaming during boring lecture of redundant laws and theory’s, we want to capture your thoughts and get your bro-like interpretation of these theory’s to share with other bros who can relate.  Everything out there can be re-written to those common day-dreaming topics and we want to see it.  Take what you’ve learned and transform it into bro-education, or…bro-ducation…

Get creative, bros!


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